We help women struggling with fine and thinning hair that never seems to grow much past the collar bone…

Our specialty is bringing you confidence through beautiful hair created with the help of extensions!

The Garnish Experience offers the most natural looking, light-weight & comfortable hair extension methods on the market. We make sure to take the best care of your hair every step of the way to ensure an amazing experience.. this is what we consider The Garnish Experience.

The Process

You Are In & Out of Our Salon In Less Than 4 Hours!

In less than 3-4 hours (if you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds), you are in and out of the salon, leaving transformed, having the most beautiful, natural, light-weight, comfortable hair extension experience you’ve ever had…

No Abrasive Chemicals or Glue Involved, and It’s PAIN FREE!

The methods that we offer are the safest and most comfortable. We take great care through each step of the process.

Our Extension Methods Create The Least Amount Of Damage and Are Undetectable!

Not only will you have the most natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had… no one will believe you have extensions unless you actually show them.

Our Extensions Are Undetectable, and Won’t Slip Out!

The hair used is of supreme quality, and are specifically made to both last 4-6 months AND endure the coloring process necessary to get that natural custom blend & look that Garnish has become known for.

Our Promises

• Garnish only utilizes hair that has been ethically sourced. This compensates the person who has sold their hair to help create the experiences inside of our studio.

• We at Garnish pride ourselves on being super detail oriented with your full experience in mind. Everything from creating your dream color and texture, so that your extensions can truly extend something that you are in love with.

• We at Garnish promise to continue to bring you the most innovative and natural looking extensions on the market. If it’s out there to try, we are already in pursuit of what could be the next amazing thing for our guests. Continued education and learning are amongst one of our passions inside of hair extensions

If you want to experience the natural, full, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamt of, click the button below to discover how this is all actually possible. We will then reach out out to you and schedule a consultation to walk you through all the details!

You will leave feeling beautiful, confident, and in love with your hair!

Meet Candice Motley, Certified Extension Specialist

Candice Motley
Certified Natural Beaded Rows™ Stylist

Hair enthusiast, extensions guru, entrepreneur, and fashion aficionado, Candice Motley is a multi-faceted creative from Raleigh, North Carolina. From a young age, Candice chose hair, makeup, and fashion as a way to outwardly express her artistic vision. A creative genius in many different aspects of life, she has a natural knack for turning whatever she touches into gold. 

As owner of Garnish Hair Studio and Extension Bar, Candice has cultivated her creative brand and is well-known for her transformational work.

She specializes in personal transformations with a focus on hair and beauty. Her talent for beautiful hair color and incredible extensions work alongside her gift for visualizing a person’s potential allows her to bring out the best in each of her guests.

Candice began her journey in the hair industry over 15 years ago and quickly moved her way up to a highly sought after Stylist and Master Colorist. From the beginning of her career, she has been intent on changing the face of styling one head at a time.

She is a firm believer in showcasing beauty through hair. Her passion shines through her work and is evident as soon as you have a seat in her chair. Candice’s transformations are more than just a set of hair services—it is an emotional experience that comes from achieving hair goals and meeting hair needs as she guides you towards your best look through face shape, color, texture, and design.

The hair and beauty industry is constantly evolving, and Candice understands this creative process well. She continuously furthers her education to perfect her craft, always reinventing, learning, and creating, to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

She believes in the products she carries and her business thrives off of quality hair care that is extremely diverse. Candice believes that everyone should have the same luxury of great hair!

With over 10 years of experience specializing in only hair extensions, Candice is one of the most highly trained extension artists in the industry, and is renowned as one of the top extension stylists on the East Coast. Her clients travel from multiple states just to have her create their gorgeous customized extensions.

In addition to receiving numerous awards throughout the years, she is now sought out in her industry to train and teach other stylists in creating beautiful customized looks.

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